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Reference Universe unlocks your library’s vast collection of specialized, subject encyclopedias–refining research topics quickly, saving time and opening new paths of discovery.

Through a proprietary, cloud-based platform Reference Universe merges your library’s E-reference content with extensive print metadata–data found in no other service. Where scholarly authority is valued, Reference Universe is the answer.

35M links to 50,000 subject encyclopedias, compendia & handbooks

All major e-reference publishers represented

E-book and legacy print collection


English-language coverage, 1975 – 2017

Turn over all the right stones for users at any proficiency level.

A few of the publishers in Reference Universe

What Our Clients Say …

We don’t know what’s in our reference collections, print or electronic. Reference Universe makes the connection for us.

Research findability is a problem that I think people are only starting to notice – many still think making lists of reference books on their webpages is enough- and Reference Universe is the only solution out there.

Reference Universe is a godsend for reference librarians.

The combination of indexing and reference access is unparalleled… Reference Universe allows for discovery and rediscovery of worthy and outstanding content in reference collections that might otherwise be missed.

My advice is to subscribe to Reference Universe, use it, and teach its use regularly. Users will be amazed at the quantity and quality of information they can find at your reference collection!

Reference Universe has allowed the University of Maryland Libraries to maintain access to and awareness of useful reference titles during an extensive weeding project of our very large reference collection. Reference Universe offers one stop shopping for a collection that is now spread around the libraries and the Web.

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