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New Inventory and Analysis Tools for your Major Reference Works

Many library administrators are being pressed to inventory, relocate and/or weed their collection of Major Reference Works. But these expensive, non-circulating titles present a unique challenge. Where to start?


The Reference Universe Collection Analysis module is now online--an extension of Paratext’s Reference Universe Usage Platform. This new module allows you to:

  • Assess the coverage of your e-Reference titles with that of your legacy print collection.
  • Compare MRW holdings with peer and other institutions.
  • Align your MRW collection more closely with the emerging areas of research at your institution.


Only Paratext can produce this utility, because only Reference Universe contains the depth of data.

  • 12 years in the making--holdings and usage data in a single, cumulative source.
  • The only comprehensive bibliography of Major Reference Works from 1975-2016.
  • 35 million elements of unique metadata related to those titles.


Existing Reference Universe libraries receive this new module gratis. Others are encouraged to inquire with Paratext for trial access.

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