In 2016 Paratext will begin releasing vast new primary source materials for the study of the History of Science. The International Catalogue of Scientific Literature, 1901-1914 will soon be part of 19th Century Masterfile 1066-1930. This is the continuation of the monumental Catalogue of Scientific Papers 1800-1900, which Paratext deployed in 2012.

The International Catalogue is the largest single editorial project Paratext has undertaken, producing over 1.5 million citations to all manner of scientific inquiry:

Mathematics; Mechanics; Physics; Chemistry; Astronomy; Meteorology (including Terrestrial Magnetism); Mineralogy (including Petrology and Crystallography); Geology; Geography (Mathematical and Physical); Paleontology; General Biology; Botany; Zoology; Human Anatomy; Physical Anthropology; Physiology (including experimental Psychology, Pharmacology, and experimental Pathology) and Bacteriology.

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Great discoveries await.