19th Century MasterfileTM


Complete your history collection and ensure that your research project never misses a critical source.

19th Century Masterfile brings a trove of exclusive content to bear with extensive indexing and metadata not found anywhere else. 19th Century Masterfile spans data from the 12th Century through 1930, offering unrivaled scope and detail for scholars, archivists, historians and advanced students.


Search content from ARTstor, JSTOR, OA content, Library of Congress, and more


Over 8,000 pre-1930 periodicals indexed

20 million citations to books, newspapers, patents & government documents

What Our Clients Say …

I have found 19th Century Masterfile invaluable for monographic studies, pointing me instantly to scores of relevant articles, exhibition reviews, and firsthand interviews… 19th Century Masterfile is unquestionably a key resource for any art library and is of vital importance for conducting primary research.

19th Century Masterfile provides us the opportunity to search dozens of sources using one simplified, unified search interface. Retrieving primary source material from across diverse sources like ARTstor, Catalogue of Scientific Papers, and American Memory from the Library of Congress ensures that our students and faculty will find many relevant resources with just one search.

The enhanced access it offers to a huge body of historical information makes 19th Century Masterfile highly recommended for all academic and public libraries.

19th Century Masterfile is the most comprehensive research tool for 19th Century Studies. It should be the researcher’s first stop to explore the literature.

I knew how valuable 19th Century Masterfile would be to professors in a variety of disciplines. Not having it would put our faculty at risk of overlooking an important piece of research in their field.

19th Century Masterfile supports generalists as well as subject specialists, because it doesn’t force the researcher to know which niche index to search. As a librarian, I know that I can go to 19th Century Masterfile for practically any 19th Century primary source question. That is a huge time saver.

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